"A safe, home environment for youth empowerment."

Our Promise

We aim to rise above the ordinary by transforming youth into productive members of society in the city of Milwaukee.

Our goal is to empower, inspire, and provide youth ages 12-17 in the Milwaukee, Wi with the necessary tools of life skill development, personal responsibility and accountability. Preparing youth for stable placement by focusing on the individualized needs of everyone. 

BYAC - Youth Programs

We address the emotional, physical, educational and spiritual needs of our youth through mentoring, tutoring, educational programming, individual counseling, cultural enrichment, life skills training, problem solving techniques, goal setting, recreational therapy and community service activities. 

Art Therapy

Culinary Arts

Healthy Relationships Group

Introduction to Photography

Music Creation 101

Physical Fitness

The Residents

Home Away From Home

11126 W. Sanctuary DR. Milwaukee, WI, 53224

Home Away from Home Living Center has been servicing youth in foster care since opening its doors in December of 2010.

  • 4 Full Bedrooms w/ full closet space
  • 2.5 Bathrooms w/ both shower and bathtub included w/ essential toiletries.
  • 1 Full Laundry Room w/ storage space and baskets and labeled laundry bins for each child.
  • 1 Full Family Room w/ Open Concept Kitchen
  • 1 Patio area and a full front yard w/ on street parking
  • 1 Full study area

Building Youth Assessment Center

3628 W. Wright St. Milwaukee, WI, 53210

A short term emergency placement for youth in need of care with a focus on keeping siblings together.

  • 13 Full Bedrooms w/ mirror/sink vanity and full storage/ closet space
  • 12 Full Bathrooms w/  both shower and bathtub equipped with essential toiletries.
  • 1 Full Laundry Room w/ closeted storage space for each child and labeled storage bins and baskets.
  • 1 Full Kitchen and pantry area available to staff to assist children w/ home economics and dining.
  • 1 Full dining area
  • 1 Family Room
  • 1 Full Study/ Library
  • 1 Chapel

Nation Accreditation

We have partnered with Council on Accreditation (COA) affirming that Butterflyz LLC meets the highest national standards of best practice and establishes the organization’s credibility as effective and professionally sound. In addition, COA accreditation provides assurance to all of its stakeholders that Butterflyz LLC is offering necessary programming to youth and families. Ensuring that we produce an environment with qualified staff and maintaining an environment where staff is pleased to work. COA ensures that its partner conducts its operations successfully, and manages its funds effectively.


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